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Stryper’s Sweet considers live vocal future

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet has asked fans if they would like to hear another singer live after admitting he “can’t hit all the high notes” like he used to.

The band are in the studio recording Fallen – the follow-up to 2013’s No More Hell To Pay. But Sweet has asked his Facebook followers how they would feel if he was to take a back seat on live vocal duties in the future.

He says: “So I can’t hit all the high notes like I used to. I try and choose my battles but unfortunately, gravity has taken its toll.

“How would it go over if we found some young lad who can hit all the high notes and I just play guitar and sing from time to time? Don’t go crazy, just wanted to ask out of curiosity.”

The suggestion received a mixed response, with the majority rejecting the idea. Some suggested a voice coach but Sweet insisted it wasn’t a major problem.

He added: “I don’t have voice issues. I’ve had my voice scoped many times at the Boston Voice Centre – and my vocal folds look fine. I’ve just lost some upper range so it’s limiting my high notes live a bit.”

Along with Fallen, Sweet is planning on releasing his seventh solo record next year. In January, he launched Only To Rise, his collaboration album with guitarist George Lynch.