Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn remixing Eddie Munson’s big speech in a bunch of different accents is absolutely hilarious

Joseph Quinn on The Jimmy Fallon Show
(Image credit: The Jimmy Fallon Show)

Joseph Quinn, the actor who plays the charismatic metalhead and Hellfire Club leader Eddie Munson in the global smash Netflix series Stranger Things, made his US talk show debut on Jimmy Fallon last night on July 25.

During his appearance on the show, Quinn discussed the moment which saw him play Metallica's 1986 anthem Master Of Puppets on guitar in the Stranger Things series finale, as well as his knack for speaking in numerous accents.

After referring to Quinn's remarkable talent, host Fallon challenges the actor to perform Eddie Munson's monologue from season four's first episode while speaking in various regional idiolects. 

The result is, well… hilarious. To kick off the challenge, Quinn begins to perform the speech in a Scottish accent, but accidentally – and rather funnily – includes a lisp. 

Then, he moves on to the Liverpudlian accent, which, as he explains, was inspired by his mother who herself comes from Liverpool, before treating viewers to a global tour of accents, including Australian, New York and Welsh.

Of the Metallica-soundtracked scene, Fallon asks, "Metallica, they're like the most legendary band of all time, and you go like...Do you get nervous going like 'I'm going to do Master Of Puppets?".

In response, Quinn explains: "It was kind of nerve-racking, but it was at a weird point in the pandemic where no one had seen any live music for ages...

"And it was so fun" he continues. "I was nervous, but it was kind of like a rock concert  and I got to feel like a rockstar for one night, and that was pretty great".

Watch the footage below of Joseph Quinn's accent challenge below at 7:11:

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