Stone Sour in studio return

Stone Sour
Stone Sour

Stone Sour have confirmed they’re back in the studio.

Frontman Corey Taylor posted a single image along with two video clips on his Twitter account showing the band rehearsing.

It’s thought that they’re recording the follow-up to 2013 House Of Gold & Bones - Part 2 after plans to release a third cover EP were shelved. They previously issued Meanwhile In Burbank… and Straight Outta Burbank.

Taylor told the Someone Who Isn’t Me podcast: “Originally we were going to do three and now it sounds like we’re just going to do the two and then just keep the other stuff we recorded as extra content for when we make the next album.”

Last year, Stone Sour confirmed guitarist Christian Martucci was a permanent member of the group following their split with Jim Root in 2014.

Further details on the album will be released in due course.