Stone Roses offer full refund on latest single Beautiful Thing

A promotional picture of the Stone Roses
The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses are offering fans a full refund on sales of their latest single Beautiful Thing.

Fans who bought a limited edition 12-inch version of the track can get their £6.99 back after Universal Records admitted descriptions of the item had been “misleading.”

Universal advertised the one-track vinyl single as being limited to 5000 copies, but now admit 6000 copies were actually pressed. The song is the second single to be released by the Manchester icons since their reunion, following comeback track All For One.

Universal say: “This item was inaccurately advertised as being limited to 5000 units. The vinyl single was manufactured to accommodate all territories and the UK allocation for this was 5000 units, but a total of 6000 units were manufactured globally.

“We appreciate that this was misleading and apologise for this miscommunication.

“The vinyl is still very in demand but should you wish to return your copy and have a refund for your purchase, please simply email quoting your order number and we will issue you the return details and issue a full refund, including postage on the item.

“Once again we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

The Stone Roses play three dates at Sydney Opera House in Australia on Dec 12, 13 and 14 of this year.

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