Stinson has 'no idea' what future holds for GNR


Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson admits he has “no idea” what the status of the band is.

Rumours that a reconciliation between singer Axl Rose and founding guitarist Slash could lead to a classic-era lineup reunion have been doing the rounds, but so far no official announcement has been made either way.

Stinson – who is a also a member of The Replacements – hasn’t spoken to Axl Rose since the band’s April 2014 gig in Las Vegas and he doesn’t know what the future holds.

He tells the Star Tribune: “I reach out once in a while to that crew of people — a lot of whom are also my good friends — but I really have no idea what’s going on. I didn’t quit the gig or walk away from it. We just all sort of left it in Vegas.”

The bassist adds that he would be happy to work with GNR again if asked. He says: “I’ll be honest with you, Axl was always very good to me, and it was always a really good gig. It wasn’t necessarily the easiest gig, but it was always good. I have nothing but gratitude for it. If they got together again and wanted me to play, of course I’d have to think about it.”

The Replacements have been on a widespread tour that came to an end in Spain in June when frontman Paul Westerberg told the crowd they’d just seen the group’s final performance.