Steven Adler grateful to make 50


Steven Adler says he had his doubts he’d ever make it to his 50th birthday.

The original Guns N’ Roses drummer turned 50 last month and says he feels great, having steered clear of drugs and alcohol for more than a year.

But he admits he feared he might not live as long as he has.

He tells KLOS 95.5: “I had my doubts. Everything is great, 50 is beautiful. I survived. I feel more mature, more grown-up. Especially as I have a year and 22 days sober.”

Adler also discussed his art project, which sees him create images using laser drum sticks to capture his motion. He has created 12 artworks, one for each song on GNR’s debut album Appetite For Destruction.

He says: “It’s a collection made of rhythm, using laser drum sticks like a painter uses brushes. I’m the canvas and the painter.

“When you hear a rock song that makes you feel really great, this is what it looks like. I did all of Appetite For Destruction, all 12 songs are gonna be out February 6 on my website

His work with SceneFour on the project follows similar sessions by fellow sticksmen Dave Lombardo and Bill Ward.

It was revealed in December that Adler had returned to work on a solo album ahead of schedule. He had previously said he wouldn’t get to work on debut album Back From The Dead until he had been sober for a year.