Souza, Billy plan Dublin Death partial reunion

Exodus frontman Steve Souza predicts his band’s tour dates with Testament are likely to feature a partial live reunion of Dublin Death Patrol.

He co-founded the supergroup with Testament counterpart Chuck Billy in 2006, alongside other musicians who’d made it out of Dublin, California – including Machine Head’s Phil Demmel and Tesla’s Troy Luccketta.

Souza, who returned to Exodus last year in time for tenth album Blood In Blood Out, tells The Metal Hammer Radio Show: “Alex Skolnick of Testament came up to me at a show and said, ‘You know we’re going to have to throw Alone In The Dark or something in there.

“I go, ‘I’m sure!’ Between Chuck and myself there’s going to be some kind of vocal collaboration going on.”

The pair’s friendship goes back to their childhood. “Chuck’s father was a baseball coach in little-league, so if you played baseball you knew the Billys,” Souza says. “I was more friends with his younger brother Andy, because Chuck was two years older than me.

“When you’re younger that’s an awful lot of time – but as we got older we had this connection. Now it’s full-on.”

He says of his return to the band that made his name: “I spent so much of my life in this band, and I had this monicker as the lead singer of Exodus even if I wasn’t in the band.

“When I left ten years ago I wasn’t in the mindset to be there, and the music was affected by that. I’m a different guy, a different animal – but ready to rage.”

Testament tour the US with Exodus starting in April and May, performing tracks from their first three albums. The Metal Hammer Magazine Show is broadcast every weeknight on TeamRock Radio. Find out more.

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