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Steve Perry has reworked his 2018 solo album Traces: prepare to fall in love all over again

Steve Perry
(Image credit: Myriam Santos)

For AOR fans, the unexpected return, in autumn 2018, of former Journey frontman Steve Perry, bearing a new solo album, Traces, his first release in 25 years, was a cause of great celebration. Reviewing the album for Classic Rock magazine, our man Dave Ling used the words ‘mesmerising’, ‘sumptuous’ and ‘extraordinary’ to praise the follow-up to Perry’s 1994 album For The Love Of Strange Medicine.
Those equally impressed with Traces are now served notice that Perry has revisited and re-assessed some of his favourite tracks on the album, and will release the reimagined Traces (Alternative Versions & Sketches) on December 4, via Fantasy Records.  Stripping back the grand production touches, and presenting the songs in a new, raw, acoustic setting, Perry believes that tracks such as Sun Shines Gray, No Erasin’, No More Cryin’, and Most Of All take on “new and richer” meaning.

Produced by Perry and his longtime collaborator Thom Flowers, Traces (Alternative Versions & Sketches) promises to offer “a fascinating glimpse into Steve’s creative process and a deeper understanding into an already treasured album”, according to the singer’s ‘people’.
“When writing these songs, the original inspiration is always my first compass – where the songs should go,” stated Perry. “Alternate Versions & Sketches is exactly that, and I’m very excited to have you hear the original seeds of these songs.”

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Steve Perry

(Image credit: Fantasy Records)

Traces (Alternative Versions & Sketches) track list:

1. Most Of All (Radio Mix)
2. No Erasin’ (Acoustic)
3. I Need You (Acoustic)
4. No More Cryin’ (Acoustic)
5. Most Of All (Stripped) 
6. We’re Still Here (Acoustic)
7. You Belong To Me (Stripped)
8. Sun Shines Gray (Acoustic)