Someone's actually gone and started a band called Dad Brains

It is a fact scientifically proven that fathers across the world are woefully unable to let the opportunity for a good, laboured pun pass them by. Nowhere is this more adeptly proven than with the advent of Californian punk rockers Dad Brains, a four-piece of fathers banded together by their white-hot desire to unleash their ultimate dad joke on the world – and make a racket while doing it. 

With lyrics focussing on life as a hungover parent, breaking out of "baby jail" and the creaks you get in your back at the ripe old age of 41, the band say they're making "punk rock for dads and the people who love them" – with music which takes its cues from their furious noise their namesakes were producing in the 80s, back when these ol' boys were carelessly suppin' from the fountain of youth, their offspring not even a glint in their eye.

Dad Brains

Dad Brains

"We’re all in this together," say the band of their mission statement. "Let’s be the best parents we can be, the best kids we can be, the best partners we can be, the best people we can be, and know that we sometimes fail, but Dad Brains keep going. Dad Brains lead with love – love for family and friends, love for the struggle and love for the mosh. We are... Dad Brains."

The band's first EP will be released digitally on June 15 – just in time for Father's Day, which may prove a good gift for yer own ol' da', if he's into that sort of thing. If not, we've got this comprehensive guide of excellent gifts to furnish your own music-loving patriarch with, including everything from a lovely drop of Motorhead Shiraz Rose to super-fancy headphones. Are you a rock-loving father of predictably unimaginative children? Send them this list to ensure a Father's Day haul worth having this year.

Briony Edwards

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