Somebody has made a mash-up of Aqua's Barbie Girl in the style of System Of A Down and now our brains hurt

SOAD Barbie Mash-up
(Image credit: Youtube/Moonic Productions)

Now look, we love a good mash-up as much as the next publication (maybe more - we all have our vices!) but even we have to question what level of lunacy/genius is required to look at 1997 Europop hit Barbie Girl and think "but what if System Of A Down wrote this?"

That's exactly what Finnish YouTuber Moonic Productions has done though, going the extra mile, mastermind Otu recording the entire song in-house (rather than just splicing the original audio files together). The results are... impressive, undoubtedly, but our brains hurt trying to figure out just why we love it so much. 

While we're not exactly starved of new SOAD material (the release of last year's Genocidal Humanoidz saw to that), we can't help but feel the long wait has conditioned us to adore anything even vaguely System Of A Down shaped. We're not alone either - the video racking up over 66,000 views in a week, an achievement not to be snorted at. 

Check out the video below:

It really shouldn't work as well as it does, but though it undoubtedly evokes that System Of A Down magic (Otu attributing the style to Toxitiy/Steal This Album-era production, which is a level of nerdy specificity that we can only admire), it also reminds us of other metal oddities like Trollfest and Kontrust. Go figure.

This isn't Moonic Productions' first foray into amusing us in the name of metal, either. Also on the channel you'll find the likes of a grindcore husky (pretty much exactly what you'd expect), a Meshuggah-style take on Abba's Dancing Queen and how it would sound if stoner metal legends Sleep wrote Black Sabbath's War Pigs (effectively the same, but slower). 

We salute your efforts to keep us entertained, sir. 

Rich Hobson

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