Solitary Son and ex-girlfriend found dead in his Australian home

A picture of Shelsea Schilling and Bronson Ellery
Shelsea Schilling and Bronson Ellery

Australian musician Solitary Son has been found dead alongside his ex-girlfriend Shelsea Schilling.

The bodies of Solitary Son – aka Bronson Ellery – and Schilling were found in a house in Southport on Australia’s Gold Coast late last week, with officers from Gold Coast Criminal Investigation Branch originally saying they suspected it was a murder-suicide.

However, varying reports have police sources later saying the incident was a double homicide, before apparently reverting back to their initial thinking that it was a murder-suicide. A note is said to have been found at the scene.

Solitary Son released a number of tracks in 2014 and gained notoriety because of his links to the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, which press reports claim has a long history of criminal activity.

The police have not released an official statement as they continue their investigation.

Schilling’s mother Bonnie Markwell Mobbs said on Facebook: “Bastard had no life took his and my baby girl. Rot in hell Bronson. Let my angel be safe.”

It has also been reported that 20-year-old Schilling had taken out a domestic violence order against Ellery in the weeks before their deaths.

Solitary Son released his debut album Searching Souls in 2015.