Slipknot make blazing return in first show of 2022

Slipknot in 2022
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Slipknot have kicked off their 2022 tour calendar with exactly the kind of bedlam we adore the band for. Playing in Fargo, North Dakota, the band pulled out a 20-song setlist that was jam-packed with monster classics like Wait And Bleed and Duality. alongside live rarities like Dead Memories and Snuff

That in mind, we gorged on the glut of social media posts, photos and videos to find out exactly what went down on the first show of the mammoth 40-date Knotfest Roadshow... 

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In This Moment belong in arenas

When you're sharing a bill with Slipknot it takes something special to really stand out. Luckily In This Moment are among the most theatrically gifted bands in metal right now and came with an absolutely massive stage-show that is utterly captivating. Their aesthetic is truly something to behold and completely belongs on bigger stages - we can't imagine it having the same effect down The Piss and Whistle.

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But Slipknot are the absolute masters of aesthetic

When it comes to eye-popping visuals though, Slipknot still remain the absolute kings of aesthetic. The gouts of flame and lights are good and all, but nothing compares to watching nine masked blokes batter the ever-loving shit out of their environment. 

Wait And Bleed has a special connection to Fargo

Wait And Bleed is an absolute stone-cold classic, we all know that (hell, you even voted it Slipknot's best song). But the last time Corey Taylor was in Fargo was with his solo band in August 2021, where they decided to play the monster hit as part of their set - marking the first time ever Corey had sang the song maskless. 

We *need* a Slipknot sing-along

The world is a mad place right now. So frankly, watching thousands of people howl along to Before I Forget is pretty much exactly what the doctor ordered to turn our backs on the world outside. UK date soon, please...

The Chapeltown Rag is definitely on the new Slipknot album

The Chapeltown Rag has been with us for a while now and Slipknot have seen fit to slip it into the setlists at Welcome To Rockville, Knotfest LA and Fargo thus far. Corey confirmed onstage in Fargo that the song will be included on Slipknot's upcoming seventh album. 

We'd already suspected as much last year, but with We Are Not Your Kind's lead single All Out Life being released just as a stand-alone, we couldn't be entirely sure. Corey's proclamation of "ladies and gentlemen, how would you like a taste of Slipknot's all new upcoming album?" sounds pretty air-tight though, right? Corey wouldn't lie to us, surely... 

Slipknot mixed the hits with some live rarities

We can't really imagine a Slipknot set without Duality, The Heretic Anthem and Surfacing, but it's always a delight when the band decide to chuck up some rarities in the mix too. Fargo was treated to a couple of songs Slipknot haven't played in a while, starting with Dead Memories from 2008's All Hope Is Gone. Slipknot might not have played it since 2016, but Dead Memories remains proof that even Slipknot's lesser-regarded albums have some absolute gold. 

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Slipknot paid tribute to Jinjer - and all those affected in the Russian invasion of Ukraine

When the Knotfest Roadshow was initially announced, Ukrainian metal heroes Jinjer were set to open the show. For obvious reasons the band were forced to cancel, but Corey paid tribute to the band - and to all those affected by the ongoing Russian invasion while on-stage.

"This tour was originally supposed to have a band called Jinjer," Corey says. "I don't know if you know this, but they're from the Ukraine. Sadly, they could not make it because of the turmoil in their country right now. But on the count of three I want you to scream so fucking loud they can hear it across the ocean."

Snuff's rarity as a live track makes its emotional impact all the heavier

Slipknot have played Snuff less than 20 times in the 13 years since its release, though Corey Taylor has included in solo setlists as tribute to fallen bassist Paul Gray. The song's appearance in the Fargo setlist marks its first performance since August 2012, Corey's pre-song chat suggesting the band won't be breaking it out again any time soon. 

Some things never get old

We might be getting older, but even as our bodies complain we know you just can't refuse Slipknot's famed 'jump the fuck up' moment. 

There is nothing in the world like a Slipknot gig

Seriously, we hope the band come back soon. Considering the blinding form Slipknot are on right now, album #7 is exactly what we need right now. Luckily, with plans to tour right the way through the year and a new album somewhere on the horizon, we may get our wish sooner rather than later... 

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Slipknot Setlist

Wait And Bleed
Before I Forget
The Chapeltown Rag
Dead Memories
The Heretic Anthem
The Devil In I
Solway Firth
All Out Life
Spit It Out
People = Shit

Slipknot are currently on a 40-date tour of the US. For dates visit the band's website. Slipknot's seventh album is due later this year. 

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