Slash: Aerosmith have made us a better band


Slash has credited Aerosmith with turning his band into a better outfit during their summer US tour together.

The axeman has been on the road with the veteran rockers on their Let Rock Rule tour – and he insists he’ll sound superior when he hits the UK in November as a result of their influence.

Slash tells UltimateGuitar: “It’s been an amazing experience. Those guys have been heroes of mine ever since I was a teenager – and also because they’re just such a great fucking band.

“I think it’s really upped our game playing with those guys. Our tour in November will be that much better as a result of having played with Aerosmith.”

He also reveals he decided to record upcoming third solo album World On Fire on tape as he feels the sound surpasses that of digital audio.

He says: “When it comes to sounds, I find tape better. Drums sound better and guitars sound warmer – if you can get somebody who knows how to work a tape machine.”

Slash launches World On Fire on September 15 via a Classic Rock fanpack on September 15, a month ahead of its standard release.