Sex, satanism and Scooby Doo: Ghost's mythos explored in new mockumentary

Ghost Myths
(Image credit: YouTube/Ghost)

Ghost have unveiled a 28-minute mockumentary which dives into the lore of the band, covering every Papa and album cycle from Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic right up to this year's Impera.

This being Ghost of course, they had to go about it in the most trolling way possible, putting it out in the form of a pulpy news show on YouTube on April Fool's Day - think America's Most Wanted, Brass Eye or Inside Probe (if you're a particularly ardent My Name Is Earl fan). 

Titled Metal Myths Part 2 (there isn't a first part), the 'show' explores the internal history and universe of Ghost via talking heads (featuring interviews with 'experts' including Buzz Braverton and host Dusty Comstock) and clips that profess to uncover the mysteries behind the band. 

Granted, they throw a few funny curveballs into the mix ("there's growing support for the theories that post-'69 [Papa] Nihil was pulling the strings behind Kiss"), but the video does do a pretty great job of explaining the mythos of the band, from on-stage 'kidnappings' of former Papas to the legitimacy of Papa Emeritus IV (formerly Cardinal Copia). 

With the Impera tour due to fully kick off this coming Saturday (April 9), Ghost will no doubt expand their mythos more with more updates, costumes and set pieces (and hopefully a few new songs for good measure). The band already hinted at the dawn of a new era with their US tour at the start of 2022, so a primer on their history is exactly what we need to get fully into the spirit of all that is yet to come from the Ghost universe. 

Rich Hobson

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