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Scholz too busy for Boston tours

Tom Scholz says years spent cooped up in studios have prevented Boston from touring as often as he'd like.

The band have just started a tour in support of last year’s album Life, Love & Hope and guitarist Scholz says he is as excited about this run of shows as he has been at any point in Boston’s near 40-year career.

He tells K-Hits: “The real problem was that I was always in the studio, being the writer, producer and guy that plays most of the instruments on the recordings. I was in the studio for years on end working on those albums and I simply didn’t have time to interrupt it with a tour.

“Now that we’ve got a new album out and I just finished doing the vinyl mastering and the project is done, thank God now I can go out and play guitar. This is the best sounding band playing this material that I’ve ever heard.”

Scholz – who describes himself as the “antithesis” of the usual image of a rock star – is a talented engineer and inventor who uses amps he designed and built himself.