Sabaton talk setlist difficulties


Sabaton frontman Joakim Broden says choosing a setlist from 10 year’s worth of material is tough as some fans will inevitably go home disappointed.

They’ve just wrapped up a North American tour with Nightwish, and Broden says although they were given almost an hour on stage, it was difficult to pick what songs to play.

He tells The Age Of Metal: “When supporting, we’ve got 50 minutes which is very generous. But it’s so hard, because you know people are going to be disappointed.

“At least when you’re headlining you are going to play 15 songs and you spread them out between the albums.

“On our European headline tour we had a minimum of one song from every album but it does get harder. We noticed that if something disappears from the setlist for a year or two, it doesn’t really get brought back up.”

The band’s released their seventh album Heroes in 2014 and last month issued a limited-edition deluxe edition via Nuclear Blast.

They’ll play at this year’s Bloodstock at Catton Park, Derbyshire on August 6-9 and will then headline their Sabaton Open Air festival in their hometown on Falun, Sweden on August 13.