Roger Waters: I don't listen to music


Roger Waters says there are very few rock’n’roll bands he cares about.

And the ex Pink Floyd man insists he’s not interested in speculating if his former group are the greatest band of all time.

Asked whether he regards Floyd as the best, he tells Haaretz: “I have no idea. I’m not interested in that.”

On other great acts, he adds: “There are certain groups whose names you can just pluck out of the air, and songwriters. Like you can say John Lennon is an important songwriter, as is Paul McCartney.

“So is Neil Young, Bob Dylan, so is John Prine. Who else? There aren’t many rock‘n’roll acts I would ever listen to or care about.”

According to the Israeli newspaper, Waters also revealed he is working on an autobiography and plans to go on a world tour in 2016, although no further details were given.

On September 29, Waters’ film The Wall is released. It documents his three-year world tour in which he performed his version of the classic Pink Floyd album.