Robert John Godfrey returns to take The Enid forward

The Enid have released a statement about the band going forward, that includes details of Robert John Godfrey's involvement in the band and line-up changes. See the announcement in full below. 


Crunch Time for The Enid

We have both lost confidence in the project going forward and we have concluded independently that it just wasn’t working. After discussing our options, we both agreed that Robert needs to return. Zach has now left and Jarrod has followed suit.

Over the years, we have built a strong friendship based on the music we both love and common values we share. We will take the band forward with just the two of us calling the shots and running the band.

Max Read and Duncan McLaughlan will be assisting the band on all fronts to get us back to where we were. Recent decisions taken with regard to The Enidi will now need to be re-evaluated and we will be in touch very soon on this matter.

RJG says: “Since the Joe Payne days, the band has been extremely unstable. This latest upset is a chance for me to set right the disastrous decisions I have taken of late. The Enid is a unique entity which although I never meant to create, I nevertheless need to take responsibility for. To have walked away at a difficult time was cowardice, and I have paid the price”.

Now or Never? or Wow Forever

Between now and next spring, we are going to transform Homily into a major new studio album. When it is finished we will organise a substantial international tour for The Enid. In the meantime, there will regular uploads and online performances.

For Robert, this will mean addressing both his physical and mental health, a process which is already well underway. For Jason, this will be preparing for the day when he will take The Enid forward on his own.

In January 2014 Robert was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s. Two weeks ago, he had a further brain scan to determine the progress of the disease. Unaccountably, the scan was completely clear. Either he has got better, or the original diagnosis was flawed.

All the best from us both – now down to work

Jason & Robert, and all at ENID HQ

Ex-The Enid member Joe Payne is interviewed in the new issue of Prog magazine, out May 10. 

Hannah May Kilroy

Hannah May Kilroy has been writing about music professionally for over a decade, covering everything from extreme metal to country. She was deputy editor at Prog magazine for over five years, and previously worked on the editorial teams at Terrorizer and Kerrang!. She currently works as the production editor for The Art Newspaper, and also writes for the Guardian, Classic Rock and Metal Hammer.