Rick Astley covers Slipknot’s Duality – no, we're not joking

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Whether he’s performing on stage with British cake connoisseur Mary Berry or trolling the internet with the infamous rickroll, Rick Astley is a master of the unexpected.

Last year, Astley launched a TikTok (or in his own words, a #RickTock) account to bring his peculiar offerings to a whole new generation. Recently, one video has stood out above all the others: Astley's cover of Slipknot’s duality. 

In early January, Astley gifted the cover on the last day of the holiday season, with the caption “On this last day of Christmas, I bring you, Slipknot!”. Donning a smart trench coat, sunnies and a dirty pout, Astley rocks out to the Slipknot Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) classic with his guitar in front of a desert landscape, and at times, a snowman head in place of his own. Not your typical set up for an 80s superstar, but with Rick Astley, anything goes. 

It's not the first time Astley has spoken about his love of the 18-legged Iowan metal mob. In 2016, he selected Duality as one of his favourite rock songs of all time, telling Classic Rock "The thing with [Slipknot] is they actually write really great melodies... They’re quite unconventional [in] the way they write songs sometimes, but it’s just a brilliant track. 

"When I’m in my room thrashing about on my drum kit with my headphones on, it’s one of the tracks I like to play. I forget what their drummer’s called, but he’s just a ridiculous drummer as well."

Astley has also previously performed a live mashup with Foo Fighters, and added a cover of AC/DC's Highway to Hell into his shows too.

Watch the video below.

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