Rich Robinson streams solo album


Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson has made his solo album The Ceaseless Sight available for streaming in full.

The 12-track title is to be released next week via The End Records.

Robinson tells Rolling Stone: “This record represents a movement forward. I went into the studio with a much more open process. I had skeletons of songs instead of finished pieces – I wanted to use the energy of having to create on the spot.”

He’s currently touring North America. He comes to Europe next month and plays a show at London’s Borderline on June 18.

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  1. I Know You 2. Down the Road 3. One Road Hill 4. The Giving Key 5. This Unfortunate Show 6. In Comes the Night 7. Inside 8. I Have a Feeling 9. I Remember 10. In You 11. Trial and Faith 12. Obscure the Day

Rich Robinson: The Ceaseless Sight