Radiohead Selway happy outside his comfort zone


Radiohead drummer Philip Selway enjoys being forced out of his comfort zone through his solo work.

He argues that it’s developed his drumming style into something he can express through other musical channels.

He released second solo album Weatherhouse last year and he’s currently touring it in the US.

Selway tells the Boston Globe: “Playing in Radiohead, one of our our real strengths was always playing exclusively with each other. We learned to play our instruments in the context of the band.

“But I think it’s healthy to get out and play with other musicians. It brings out different aspects of my musicality.”

He adds: “My involvement in the Radiohead songwriting process is as the drummer. But working on my own material I’m central to the whole process – I expand my songwriting outside a drumming mindset.”

It’s even allowed him to find his own singing voice, rather than trying to blend in with Yorke. “When you’re doing the main vocals yourself it’s an impression of who you are,” he says. “There’s much more personality.

“It started with my drumming, which is very identifiable, to finding a musical voice which is as identifiable through vocals.”

Radiohead – who are surprise favourites to have written the next James Bond movie theme – are continuing work on their ninth album.