Protest The Hero Rody 'auditions' for Asking Alexandria


Protest The Hero frontman Rody Walker has created a spoof ‘audition’ tape for the vacant vocal slot in Asking Alexandria.

Walker’s video includes a song he wrote especially for the occasion, making fun of AA’s sound and featuring the singer’s bewildered pet dog watching as he frantically cleans his house.

English metalcore outfit Asking Alexandria split with singer Danny Worsnop last week and it has been speculated that Down & Dirty frontman Denis Shaforostov is to be named his replacement.

But Walker took the opportunity to put himself forward for the job, saying he could cook and clean for the band and describing himself as “a stay-at-home boyfriend.” He also insists AA is his favourite band, before admitting he’d never heard any of their songs.

Walker’s track includes lyrics such as “I can sing high, I can sing kinda low..I can’t sing that low,” and “If I was in Asking Alexandria I might actually be okay, I won’t default on my mortgage when I’m finally getting paid.”

Prog metal outfit PTH released their most recent album Volition in 2013. They recently starred in an episode of tour documentary Ghosts Of The Road.