Plant reveals Lowell George inspiration


Robert Plant has revealed listening to American songwriter and Little Feat singer Lowell George in the 60s helped develop his solo sound.

Speaking with Bob Harris on the radio icon’s upcoming series of previously unheard interviews titled Legends Vault, the former Led Zep man says seeing George on the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test had a lasting impression.

Plant says: “I was really moved by Lowell George’s approach, his vocal performances and stuff which was great. I was such a fan of American music – I’m still searching.

“Although I wouldn’t have gone into that zone myself as a singer – I’m not a blue-eyed soul singer, I was just a kind of blues singer of the late 60s, I’ve been able to develop my style from then on. But I think Lowell George’s vocal work was tremendous.”

The undated interview with Plant will be broadcast on May 29 (Friday) via Audioboom and will be the first of six previously unreleased chats between Harris and musicians across the next 12 weeks.

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