PETA call on Hunters & Collectors to change their name

Hunters & Collectors
Hunters & Collectors

Animal rights organisation PETA have asked Hunters & Collectors if they’d consider changing their name.

The Australian rock band formed in 1981 and split in 1998, but got back together in 2013 and have recently been playing live shows in their homeland.

They’ve also been inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association’s Hall Of Fame – but despite being an established name, PETA would like them to change it from Hunters & Collectors to something more animal friendly.

An open letter on PETA’s website addressed to the band reads: “On the eve of the duck-hunting season, we at PETA Australia have a request that may help save lives: Would you consider changing the name of your band to discourage people from hunting animals?

“We feel sure that it was never your intention to promote the killing of intelligent, sensitive and defenceless animals, but your name may nevertheless make hunting seem appealing to your fans.”

The letter goes on to give the band their choice of alternative names, with Hunters & Collectors Of Antiques, Hunters & Collectors Of Vinyl Records and Hunters & Collectors Of Beer Cans mentioned.

The letter concludes: “By agreeing to change your name, you would help raise awareness of the cruelty inherent in hunting waterbirds and give ducks a fighting chance.”

So far, the band have yet to respond.

Hunters & Collectors played Adelaide’s Clipsal 500 Concert with Baby Animals in support on Saturday evening.

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