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Periphery members share new track from their electro-ambient project Four Seconds Ago

Periphery guitarists Jake Bowen and Misha Mansoor have released a new track from their electro-ambient project Four Seconds Ago.

The single is titled Listening Post Alpha and it’ll feature on the duo’s upcoming album The Vacancy, which is set to arrive on September 28.

Speaking about the project, Bowen told MetalSucks: “Misha and I enjoy electronic music and we were messing around with various programs and initially Four Seconds Ago became a way for us to experiment outside of metal.”

The Vacancy will be the first material released on Periphery’s newly formed label 3DOT Recordings, with Mansoor saying: “This also gives us the opportunity to curate and nurture outside musical projects and bands that we truly love.”

Four Seconds Ago previously released the tracks Galaxy and Fadeaway, which can be found below, along with Listening Post Alpha.

Four Seconds Ago - The Vacancy
1. Fadeaway
2. Galax
3. Bloodfrenzy
4. Listening Post Alpha
5. Nothing To Hide
6. Shadow Devil
7. Over And Out
8. The Revenge
9. The Great Silence
10. The Vacancy