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Pepper Keenan hails COC fans for reunion calls

Pepper Keenan has praised Corrosion Of Conformity’s fans for making his reunion with the band a reality.

Until getting on board for the current European tour, Keenan hadn’t played full shows with the band since 2006.

He tells the latest episode of FreqsTV’s Ghosts Of The Road series: “The thing that got this going was the fans and people wanting us to play these damn songs. So I give kudos to the fans for making us get off our asses and do this.

“It’s a weird thing to be in that world. It’s like going in a time warp. It’s like we didn’t miss a beat, but it’s been almost a decade.

“You don’t have time to waste energy on negative things or whatnot. And there’s not really many negative things at all. We just all kind of went separate ways.”

COC and Keenan are keen on recording new music together and the guitarist will also continue in his role with Phil Anselmo’s Down.

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