Austin Carlile recovering from electric shock


Of Mice And Men frontman Austin Carlile returned to hospital over the weekend after suffering an electric shock.

And although he reports he’s doing well, he admits the accident was a “close call” as he recovers from heart surgery.

He underwent a medical procedure in June for a genetic disorder, and later reported he was on the road to 100% recovery. The band later announced they wouldn’t return to full-time work until next year.

Carlile tweeted: “I’ve been electrocuted by mic, working etc before, but never to the extent of yesterday. Nothing to show from it other than burns on my fingers. Lucky to be alive – but today feel like I was ran over by a truck. Close call for the heart.”

He later said his post had been misinterpreted and that he hadn’t meant the shock came from a microphone, adding: “I never said how in my tweets.”

He then tweeted a picture of a cat, saying: “Here’s what getting shocked by a mic looks like, and also how it feels.”