Obsidian Kingdom introduce guitarist Eaten Roll I

Obsidian Kingdom
Obsidian Kingdom
(Image: © Sergio Albert)

Obsidian Kingdom have introduced their new guitar player Eaten Roll I.

The 20-year-old – real name Irene – replaces keyboardist Zero Aemeour Iggdrasil, with Seerborn Ape Tot moving to keyboard duties.

The band say: “It is about time we made it official – everyone say hello to Eaten Roll I, our new guitar player. Already a big fan of the band when the chance came up, she fought her way through more than 40 applicants and won – despite never having picked up an electric guitar in her entire life.

“A crafty designer and a local psychedelic folk starlet, she is the perfect addition to our line-up, and you are going to hear her roar in the near future.”

Eaten Roll I adds: “It is still hard for me to believe that I am part of this project and I couldn’t be more excited about it. When the chance came up, I felt that this was going to be a life-changing experience that I simply couldn’t miss.”

Obsidian Kingdom released their latest album A Year With No Summer this year. They have three shows in Spain lined up – May 28 at Stage Live in Bilbao, July 1 at Be Prog! My Friend in Barcelona and July 9 at Resurrection Fest in Viveiro.