Nonpoint ready for The Return


Nonpoint have revealed details of their upcoming eighth album.

The Return is released via Metal Blade Records on Monday, September 29. It is their first release since 2012’s self-titled album.

Frontman Elias Soriano says: “Last record, we stepped in a direction we’ve wanted to for years and our fans revered us for it. This record we have gotten up to speed and dropped the pedal to the floor.

“I think our fans will embrace this record in a way no other Nonpoint record has been viewed or loved. We left no room for question of what we are trying to accomplish with our music or who we are.”

The band have made the album’s first single, Breaking Skin, available to stream via YouTube – but not to fans in the UK.

The singer says _Breaking Skin__ _is both more melodic and heavier than their previous material.

He adds: “It’s about addiction, whether it be food, drugs, sex, lying, or anything, that tends to turn into an itch. You can’t stop scratching it so you break skin. Then, you’re bleeding. You need to get help at that point and deal with it.

Breaking Skin is a different kind of song for us. There’s a lot of melody, but it’s still so heavy. That heaviness has always been in the back of our minds. It’s a natural direction for us. Most bands soften their sound as they go on. We get more aggressive and heavy.”

The Return tracklist

  1. Pins And Needles 2. Breaking Skin 3. Razors 4. Misery 5. The Return 6. Take Apart This World 7. Forcing Hands 8. Goodbye Letters 9. Never Ending Hole 10. Widowmaker 11. Never Cared Before 12. F__K’D 13. Know Myself