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NOFX “banned” from playing in the US

(Image credit: Tim Mosenfelder - Getty)

NOFX report that they’ve been “banned” from playing shows in the US.

It comes after Fat Mike and Eric Melvin caused uproar when they made unsavoury comments about the victims of the 2017 Las Vegas massacre while playing a show in the city last month.

They were subsequently kicked off their own Punk In Drublic festival, while the event also lost sponsorship from Stone Brewing Co. who make the NOFX beer and who were sponsors of the event.

Now, Fat Mike has checked in with an update on their touring situation in the US – and says they’ve “effectively been banned" in their own country.

He says: “Fuck it! I’m not supposed to talk about it, but because of the comments we made in Las Vegas, every NOFX show has been cancelled in the US. 

“We did not drop off the shows, we were told that NOFX is not welcome to play any big venue in the United States. No joke! NOFX has effectively been banned in our own country. This is not our choice, but it is our reality. 

“We are very sorry to our fans, especially the ones in Austin. For now, we are playing in Europe, Mexico and Canada. 

“The Punk In Drublic festival is still happening in Europe and other continents. I’m trying my best to bring it back to the US but a lot of people don’t want it to happen.

“It fuckin’ sucks! We made a mistake, we apologised, and we gotta suffer the consequences. Maybe it ain’t fair, but whoever said life was?

“We are just very thankful that our fans are being so supportive. Thanks to all of you.”

After they were booted from the US leg of the Punk In Drublic festival, event organisers said they would make a donation to a fund set up to support those affected by the mass shooting.

Lone gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire on people from a hotel room window who were attending a country music festival in the city in October last year, leaving more than 50 dead and 527 injured.

Scott Munro

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