No Nightwish for Tarja


Tarja Turunen says she has no interest in listening to Nightwish since her sensational sacking in 2005.

The singer launched a solo career after being let go by the band via an open letter that was published online soon after she was given a copy.

And apart from snippets she’s heard on the radio, Tarja has heard none of the band’s material since then – and says she has no desire to seek it out.

She tells Metalpaths: “I haven’t been listening to their albums – I haven’t been interested in listening to their albums. I don’t know the music. I heard some songs on the radio, but that’s all I know.”

Tarja’s replacement Anette Olzon was herself replaced, by Floor Jansen in 2012. And in her solo career, Tarja has resisted the temptation to live off her Nightwish glory days.

She adds: “Of course, it’s a part of history – it’s a very important part of my musical history. It brought me where I am. I don’t have any problems with that. It really showed me a totally new direction musically in my life.

“It’s hypothetical to think where I would be if I wouldn’t have chosen to sing that first demo that was offered to me. But, on the other hand, I have a life of my own.

“Today, as an artist, I have my own music. I’m basically producing my own music, I have my own audience, which, a good part of that audience also could be fans of Nightwish.

“I love music and that is what I care for, and that is what I deliver for people.”

Tarja’s most recent album was 2013’s Colours In The Dark, which was followed by a live set called Left In The Dark in July of this year.