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Ned Flanders-themed band Okilly Dokilly reveal debut album

Okilly Dokilly
Okilly Dokilly

Okilly Dokilly, the metal band based on The Simpsons character Ned Flanders, have announced their debut album.

It’s titled Howdilly Doodilly and will launch on November 11 and feature 13 “full blown Heavy Nedal tunes.”

The five-piece say the that 75% of lyrics on the album consist of quotes from the left-handed pillar of the Springfield community – and it was recorded in Mesa, Arizona, in May this year.

Lead singer Head Ned says: “When we recorded Howdilly Doodilly, our only goal was to make a record that was really brutalino.”

Speaking about the where the idea for the band came from, Ned previously told TeamRock: “The short answer is, we’re just nerds who really like The Simpsons and metal, and thought this would be funny.

“Our drummer, Bled Ned, and myself were stuck in line at a grocery store. We were coming up with really cutesy and harmless names for really hardcore bands. Okilly Dokilly came up, and we built on it.

“We had the idea for dressing like Ned and came up with the term Nedal. It all was, and still is hilarious to us. We went a bit too far with that humour and, well, here we are.”

Howdilly Doodilly is available for pre-order.

The Howdilly Doodilly cover

The Howdilly Doodilly cover

Okilly Dokilly Howdilly Doodilly tracklist

  1. White Wine Spritzer
  2. Flanderdoodles
  3. Vegetables
  4. Nothing At All
  5. You’re A Jerk
  6. Sacrifice
  7. Press Destruct Button
  8. More Animal Than Flan
  9. They Warned Me
  10. Donut Hell
  11. Panic Room
  12. Godspeed Little Doodle
  13. All That Is Left

Okilly Dokilly tour dates

Nov 11: Phoenix Crescent Ballroom, AZ
Mar 11: Chicago Reggies, IL
Mar 15: Nashville Exit, TN
Mar 17: Lexington Cosmic Charlie’s, KY
Mar 29: New York Le Poisson Rouge, NY
Apr 01: Asheville The Grey Eagle, NC
Apr 02: Memphis New Daisey Theatre, TN

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