The 10 best songs for a Halloween party, as chosen by Derange

Halloween party
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Halloween is just around the corner and we need to make a suitable playlist. Sure, there are plenty of spooky songs we could just stick together, but that doesn't necessarily bring the party vibe, does it? That's why we asked Derange to pick the ten essential songs for a Halloween party! Vocalist Cat Pereira, guitarist Nick Crosby, bassist Joe Macpherson and drummer Joe Farrell chose their favourite Halloween party starters, guaranteed to raise the roof (and the dead).

Tesseract – Nocturne

Joe M: "This song has a slamming first riff and is brooding for the rest. Its lyrical content helps the song conjure up something dark. Many of us have watched Tesseract live and they’re phenomenal. The show itself is haunting with the vocal nuances and the delays, it makes you go into another world... and also go home to practice bass ha ha!"

Coheed And Cambria – Welcome Home

Cat: "The opening of this track is just amazing, and chaotic like you're entering the gates of hell. I can imagine myself listening to this and singing it out loud at a Halloween party when I've had a few! The orchestral arrangement in the background is stomping and epic, and makes me want to drive into battle. Claudio Sanchez's voice is never less than amazing and he tells a story with every song he performs."

Metallica – The Call Of Ktulu

Joe F: "Nearly every song from Metallica’s Ride The Lightning could have made this list – Creeping Death, For Whom The Bell Tolls. But what could be more ominous than the scream of Cthulhu that Cliff Burton recreated so perfectly? You clearly need a Metallica song in your Halloween playlist."

My Chemical Romance – Welcome To The Black Parade

Cat: "For me personally, a Halloween party has got to have at least one MCR track on their playlist. Especially from The Black Parade album; the story itself is very Halloween and the whole aesthetic of the song is epic, but haunting at the same time. It was actually the first time I ever heard an album with a continuous story. I can instantly imagine everyone chanting 'We'll carry on!' And when I mean everyone, I mean me!"

Ghost – Square Hammer

Joe F: "The perfect mix of pop rock/metal and Satanic themes that the whole family can enjoy this Halloween! It’s scary how catchy this song is. Ghost have become a huge influence on Halloween with the old school sound in their music as well as their aesthetic. With today's music industry, it’s refreshing to see Ghost’s success growing further!"

Monuments – Quasimodo

Joe M: "Another pumping tune, an absolute banger that any Halloween house party needs to get going – you might get into one of those Halloween parties where mosh pits are included. Amanuensis itself is an awesome album; heavy, dark and incredibly fun to listen to."

Slayer – Raining Blood

Joe M: "Balls to the wall Slayer at its best; it wouldn't be Halloween without it. Come on – it’s Slayer! Raining Blood is an iconic tune that marked heavy metal and everyone will go crazy for it. Even if you’re not a fan, you’ll definitely go along with it."

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Cat: "I mean, who wouldn't dance Thriller at a Halloween party? It's creepy, catchy and filled with groove. Plus the music video is filled with zombies! When I saw the music video for the first time, I was blown away. The dancing, the costumes, the story... When this song starts, you can’t just simply stay still, you need to pop a few MJ moves, as well as Thriller’s video choreography. It's perfect!"

The Great Discord – Omen

Nick Crosby: "The song has a dark, ominous, pseudo-halloween vibe to it, coupled with the immense wailing of singer Fia Kempe and the scorching guest solo of Periphery's own Mark Holcomb. It is a lesser-known party banger, for sure. Yet again with an awesome fantasy story behind it."

The Contortionist – Reimagined

Nick: "One for the end of the party when true inebriation has set in and a more sombre vibe takes over. Best served with a large whisky, comfy seating and good speakers to truly enjoy this masterclass. Their new album really hit the mark after heir first one and they really found their sound."

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