There's a Ned Flanders themed metal band

As well as being gigantic heavy metal fans here at Hammer, we’re also HUGE lovers of The Simpsons – thank Satan then that someone has combined two of the greatest inventions.

A Ned Flanders-themed metal band named Okilly Dokilly might just be the greatest and silliest band we’ve found in a long time. Of course, don’t go thinking they’re a straight-up metal band, according to their Facebook page they’re “the world’s only Nedal band”.

Unfortunately they’re not from Springfield, but this band inspired by everyone’s favourite yellow bible basher come from Phoenix, Arizona. And they don’t just dress like Flanders, most of their lyrics are direct Ned quotes too – so if you’re like us, you’ll probably know all the words already. Listen to to their Okilly Demos below!

Stupid sexy Flanders.