Neal Morse unveils 5-hour live album


Neal Morse has unveiled a five-hour live package entitled MorseFest 2014: Testimony And One Live.

It features full performances of both classic albums with a band featuring Mike Portnoy, Randy George, Bill Hubauer and Eric Gillette, plus a four-piece horn section, six-member backing vocal section, strings and orchestra percussion.

It was recorded in November last year and mixed on the scene by Rich Mouser, who worked on the original studio albums.

Morse says: “We really went all-out this time. I wanted it to be the quintessential presentation and performance of this music. And so it was – and is!”

Portnoy describes the show as “an amazing experience” and adds: “I’m so happy to see this come to fruition. It’s elevated the music to a whole new level.”

MorseFest 2014 is released on August 21 and will be available for pre-order on July 21.

Blu-ray edition tracklist

Disc 1: Night 1 – Testimony Live plus Encores

  1. The Land of Beginning Again

    02. Overture No. 1

    03. California Nights

    04. Colder in the Sun

    05. Sleeping Jesus

    06. Interlude

    07. The Prince of the Power of the Air

    08. The Promise

    09. Wasted Life

    10. Overture No. 2

    11. Break of Day

    12. Power in the Air

    13. Somber Days

    14. Long Story

    15. It’s All I Can Do

    16. Transformation

    17. Ready to Try

    18. Sing it high

    19. Moving in my Heart

    20. I Am Willing

    21. In The Middle

    22. The Storm Before The Calm

    23. Oh, to Feel Him

    24. God’s Theme

    25. Overture No.3

    26. Rejoice

    27. Oh Lord My God

    28. God’s Theme 2

    29. The Land of Beginning Again

    30. Jayda

    31. Time Has Come

    32. Jesus’ Blood

Disc 2: Night 2 – One Live plus Encores

  1. The Creation

    02. The Man’s Gone

    03. Nothing To Believe

    04. Author Of Confusion

    05. The Separated Man

    06. Cradle to the Grave

    07. Help Me / Spirit and the Flesh

    08. King Jesus

    09. Father Of Forgiveness

    10. Reunion

    11. It’s For You

    12. Wind At My Back

    13. The Light

    14. Stranger In Your Soul

    15. Documentary: The MorseFest Experience