Neal Morse Band launch Grand promo


The Neal Morse Band have released a promo for The Grand Experiment – the title track from their upcoming album.

The five-track record launches on February 16 via InsideOut and Morse reveals the lead song came to life thanks to the creative input of drummer Mike Portnoy.

He says: “I am thrilled with how this song came out. During the recording sessions for the album, I remember waking up one morning wondering what was going to happen that day and not having a clue what direction the album would take.

“I was thinking, ‘Man, this is a grand experiment!’ And as I was lying there I thought of the chorus, but my original version was slower and more of a keyboard thing. Then the band got to it and Mike had the rockin’ verse idea and it developed from there. The video was shot and edited by my son Chad. Hope you all like it.”

They’ll hit the road across Europe in March, with support provided by Beardfish and will play London’s Islington Assembly Hall on March 7.

The Grand Experiment tracklist

  1. Following The Call 2. The Grand Experiment 3. Waterfall 4. Agenda 5. Alive Again