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My Lockdown with Pattern-Seeking Animals' John Boegehold

Pattern-Seeking Animals
(Image credit: Pattern-Seeking Animals)

Pattern-Seeking Animals keyboard player, songwriter and. producer John Boegehold has sent Prog readers a video message, updating fans on what he and the band have been up to during lockdown.

"Fortunately, I already work from home and am a bit of a hermit, so being locked down didn’t have quite as big an impact on my everyday life as it did for many," says John. "Besides the occasional venture outside in the sunlight to find groceries we're all familiar with, I decided to get a jump on writing the next P-SA album for 2021. A great side-benefit to songwriting of course is playing Mellotron which always helps make any situation better.

"Besides that, Jimmy, Ted, Dave and I were scheduled to get together and shoot a couple of music videos for songs from our new album due out in May. Not unexpectedly, that was cancelled when California was locked down in late March. Not willing to let a 100-year pandemic get in the way of progress, we all ordered lights and green screen setups on eBay so we could shoot all of our video parts alone at home and let the video editor sort it all out. An interesting experience to say the least, and one I’m not looking forward to repeating ever again."

Pattern-Seeking Animals released their second album, Prehensile Tales, last week. You can watch John's video message in full below.