Mustaine in new plea over missing mum-in-law

Dave Mustaine believes his missing mother-in-law may have been picked up by someone who thought they were helping – and he’s appealed for them to let his family know what happened.

Sally Estabrook, 76, disappeared three weeks ago from her home in Julian, California. She’s suffering advanced-stage Alzheimer’s and, says the Megadeth mainman, “couldn’t put three words together.”

A search led by police assisted by 300 volunteers found nothing nearby, leading Mustaine to believe that someone may have given Sally a lift, and is now uncomfortable about coming forward.

He tells 101KGB: “There’s no way a 76-year-old woman can trek all the way down a mountain like that. So somebody was being nice and trying to help her. We’re thinking the person who tried to help her is afraid that maybe they did something wrong.

“Even the most terrible of convicts still has a mother. The person could have pulled over and helped her, and have a criminal past and can’t say anything.”

He adds: “I’ve got a checkered past. We don’t care what the situation is. Just help us find my wife’s mom. We just want know where she is.”

He’s thanked police for their support so far, saying: “They’ve gone on longer than they were supposed to. They held off on the cadaver dogs and switching from rescue to recovery longer than they should have.

“Even the pilots that were flying the helicopters, they’ve got a routine that they have to do over the city, and they were all flying back out to the site. They covered 60 square miles with the helicopter. There is no way she went that far. Somebody picked her up.”

Sally Estabrook is described as 5ft4in tall with shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing a blueish top and white trousers. It’s thought she may answer to her name. Anyone with information is asked to contact San Diego Sheriff’s Department on (858) 565 5200.

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