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Mushroomhead ex Jeffrey Nothing returns with new single Fragile Mind

Former Mushroomhead vocalist Jeffrey Nothing, aka Jeffrey Hatrix, has released a lyric video for his new single Fragile Mind.

Nothing split from Mushroomhead, the band he co-founded in 1993, in March this year, saying he had done so with a “heavy heart.”

Now he’s teamed up in Nothing with his former Mushroomhead bandmate, guitarist Thomas Church, Motograter and The Browning drummer Noah “Shark” Robertson, vocalist Ian Sniesak and bassist Kahler Hatrix.

Speaking about the new track, Nothing says: “This song wrote itself. Life takes odd twists and turns and sometimes finds dead ends. Creativity is a gift, yours to guide you through peace of mind and life experiences, we choose our paths. 

“We alone should command our directions, our course to happiness and never despair, no matter what anyone else believes or demands… ever.

Fragile Mind is one of many, great new songs I have had the pleasure of being a part of. Working with people with heart and soul is incredible, to say the very least. 

“Thomas Church, Noah Robertson, Ian Sniesak, Kahler Hatrix and others have brought huge smiles and laughter and other emotions, long dead back to the creative process. Art isn’t about orders or demands. It is about doing what you love. When you decide, with who you choose.”

Nothing reports that an album release is “close” and that the band have “a plethora of music” brewing and adds: “Happiness is on the horizon. New music and real tours are coming – soon to be set free, for all to enjoy. Thanks for the patience and hope renewed.”

Nothing have two shows in Kansas lined up for next month. They’ll play RocktoberFest Day 1 in Iola on October 6 and Day 2 on the 13th of the month at Chanute.