Mudvayne, Skrape men form Audiotopsy


Members of Mudvayne and Skrape have joined forces to form the band Audiotopsy, it’s been announced.

Guitarist Gregg Tribbett and drummer Matt McDonough, both of Mudvayne, along with frontman Billy Keeton of Skrape and bassist Perry Stern have completed recording their debut album and are aiming for a summer release once they’ve secured a deal with a label.

Tribbett says: “I’m extremely excited about Audiotopsy. The music is everything you want in a record – heavy, melodic, atmospheric, big hooky riffs and sing-alongs as well.

“The guys in the band are great and we all feel as if this was meant to happen. We all felt an energy from our first meeting and we can’t wait for the world to hear Audiotopsy.”

Keeton adds: “From the first few notes I knew this was going to be killer. The chemistry happening just took over and spawned this sound, this animal. I’m super stoked to get this music out and to get this band on tour.”

Tribbett was sacked from Hellyeah last year along with Bob Zilla by frontman Chad Gray, who described their involvement in the band as a “toxic situation.”

Despite the fallout, Gray insisted a reunion with Tribbett wasn’t out of the question and said it was possible Mudvayne could play together again.