Morello launches Firebrand Records


Tom Morello’s label Firebrand Records is streaming its first release – a track by Baltimore rapper Son Of Nun.

The song, It’s Like That, is part of a compilation featuring a string of acts with a political message. Firebrand is an “anti-profit” label, according to Rage Against The Machine man Morello.

He tells Rolling Stone: “In 2015, nobody with any sense is starting a record label to try and become Interscope Records. We have a very clear mission, and that is to bring global revolutionary music to everyone who wants to hear it.

“As someone who’s spent a couple of decades with various labels, I see it exclusively from the artist perspective. We’re not trying to get rich off Firebrand Records, we’re trying to enrich people’s hearts and minds.”

Morello co-founded Firebrand with Ryan Harvey of the Riot-Folk Collective. Artists on the label include Ramy Essam, Built For The Sea, Lycka Till and Bell’s Roar.