Montrose tribute show to feature St John & Alice Cooper


Keith St John and Alice Cooper are among the stars who will perform at a tribute show for late guitarist Ronnie Montrose.

St John has gathered the Friends Of Ronnie Montrose for a show called Rock The Nation which will take place at the Saddle Rack on Fremont, California on November 6. The all-star line up also features guitarist Vic Johnson of the Sammy Hagar Band, Tesla drummer Troy Luccketta and Ted Nugent’s bassist Chuck Wright.

St John was the lead singer with Montrose from 2002 and he wanted to bring together a group of great musicians to honour Ronnie, who died in 2012.

He tells Best Of Bay Area: “This is definitely not a tribute band. This is nobody trying to be like anyone from the original Montrose lineup – just four guys with strong connections to music and personally to Ronnie, who want to play the music we love to play.

“Every time I sing any of these songs live I can still feel Ronnie in the room. It is not a spooky or a spiritual thing but something that is inspired within me.

“When I play Montrose music I am honouring him across the great spiritual plane – giving my nod to my friend and my brother.”

The idea for the gig came about when St John and Johnson jammed together in October.