Mike Shinoda releases new track In My Head, taken from the Scream 6 soundtrack

Mike Shinoda at the Scream Premiere
(Image credit: Getty / Nina Westervelt)

Mike Shinoda has played a bit part in making the music for the newly-released Scream 6 what it is. Last week Demi Lovato released Still Alive, a track that Mike co-wrote and produced, and this week, he has shared his own contribution to the soundtrack.

That contribution is In My Head, a haunting, intense piece of deep-set pop-rock with plenty of addictive melodies. It also features an appearance from Kailee Morgue, who adds to the atmosphere wonderfully. It perfectly suits the feeling of the Scream franchise, delivering something fresh and modern whilst still remembering where the roots of all of this lie.

Have a little listen.

You can also check out Mike starring alongside Ice Nine Kills' Spencer Charnas in the video for Demi Lovato's Still Alive, playing the part of an evil-looking projectionist. 

Mike recently spoke to Howard Stern all about Linkin Park's classic track In The End, and put down any rumours that Chester Bennington hated it.

"My lyrics on the first version were different. But by the end of that night I had written the words to the chorus. The next day I played it for our drummer [Rob Bourdon]... and he was like, 'Dude, this is the song that we've been waiting for, this is the best song we've got'."

"It didn't feel big to me, it didn't feel like a hit song," Shinoda admits. "I wouldn't know what a hit song felt like, I was too young. I was feeling despondent, like, we're doing all this stuff, we're trying to realise some kind of identity, or some kind of meaning, and it's not working."

"He didn't hate it. No, no, no, no. That's actually a misconception. Some people think that he hated the song. He liked the song, he just loved really heavy stuff, and so when people were like, 'This should be a single', he was like, [shrugs], 'Ah, whatever!' It's not the one that he would have chosen."

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