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Michael Schenker: Scorpions have lost it completely

Michael Schenker
Michael Schenker (Image credit: Getty)

Michael Schenker has launched yet another tirade at his brother Rudolf – saying Scorpions haven’t done anything worth talking about in 23 years.

Earlier this year, Michael said he couldn’t trust his brother and last month expanded on that by saying Rudolf had taken advantage of him and took credit for his work.

Now Michael has taken a further swipe at his former band, telling Eddie Trunk Live (via Blabbermouth): “For the last 23 years, they haven’t done anything that is worth talking about. All they have done is they’ve been milking the past.

“There’s nothing else they have done. And maybe people are afraid talking about it. But the fact is they are fooling the people.”

He adds: “Rudolf’s a wannabe and a trick master. I am not going to talk to anybody about this. Rudolf knows exactly what he did wrong, and only Rudolf himself can fix it for himself.

“My side of the street is clean. I don’t have to talk to anybody. But if you are so addicted to success and if you have screwed up in such complicated ways to become a success – if you have to cheat and stuff like that, or fabricate in order to get to where you wanna get – it’s nothing to do with me.

“I play music. I’m an artist. For me, it’s all about music. Scorpions don’t write their own songs. They have lost it completely.”

Michael previously said he was tricked into signing over songwriting credits to Scorpions, which came to light as the band announced their 50th anniversary reissues series.

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