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Metallica appear in comedy fashion shoot clips

Metallica and Justin O'Shea
\"Who's this guy?\" Metallica and Justin O'Shea

The members of Metallica are featured in a series of short comedy clips made during their photoshoot for fashion brand Brioni.

The five videos, totalling around four minutes of running time, tie in with pictures released last week of the thrash icons imitating Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody imagery.

Brioni creative director Justin O’Shea says in the first clip: “So I haven’t really listened to this band, Metallica, before – but my house cleaner says they’re, uh, pretty cool.”

Drummer Lars Ulrich asks from the background, “Who’s this guy?”

In the other videos, frontman James Hetfield tries to keep his guitar after O’Shea suggests he should pose with a saxophone, because it’s made of metal and so it’s more suited to a metal band. Guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo are given instruction on how to behave with their instruments. And Ulrich makes it clear he’s not impressed when given guidance on how to act like he’s performing for millions of fans.

Metallica are currently working on their 10th album, which Ulrich said will be “more diverse” than 2008’s Death Magnetic.

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