This Nintendo-style cover of Metallica's ...And Justice For All is the album you didn't know you needed

Metallica and a mock-up of ...And Justice For All with Princess Peach as Lady Justice
(Image credit: MawinSwag | Blackened Recordings)

Picture the scene. You're sitting around a pub table with your friends and the gang are a couple of pints in. 

The table is awash with beer – thanks, Kev – and someone's done that thing where they've opened a bag of crisps and split the packet down the middle like they were orchestrating a wall of death. That way, everyone can get their pissy fingers on your salty snacks. 

You've each had a moan about your favourite football team and given the hottest takes on whether Marvel make too many films. The answer is no, by the way.

Time for another pint? Of course. But before you head to the bar, there's time to suggest that Metallica's ...And Justice For All might be their best-sounding album. You make a mental note that the next person to say the words "inaudible" and "bass" will buy the next round. That'll learn you, Kev. 

As you head to the bar, you feel like Heath Ledger's Joker and the exploding hospital is your pub table. 

As you cautiously return the table with a tray of drinks in hand, things have kicked off like a particularly rowdy version of Question Time. You have one thing up your sleeve which could make the atmosphere go one of two ways.

You casually mention that someone has covered the album. No, not the one with the 'added' bass, although admittedly, that is a satisfying listen. 

This particular version has been painstakingly recreated using the Super Mario 64 Soundfont by a YouTube wizard who goes by the name MawinSwag. We don't know much about about this mysterious sound mechanic, but this is worth hearing.

You play it through the speaker on your phone. Heads bang and harmony is restored.

Check out MawinSwag's unrivalled version of ...And Justice For All below and try not to growl "Blackened!" before the opening track is over. Even One bristles with an extra layer of gravitas. 

Simon Young

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