Here's what Metallica might sound like if they had Avenged Sevenfold's Synyster Gates playing guitar

Kyle Norris
(Image credit: Kyle Norris)

Today is a happy Friday indeed, with the weekend finally upon us and the sprawling prog cosmology of Avenged Sevenfold's new album Life Is But A Dream... here to send our ear-drums into new sonic dimensions. So what better way to mark the occasion than by consuming amusing metal content about their nimble-fingered guitarist Synyster Gates, and revelling in his face-melting playing style?

Delivering the finest of tributes is metal content creator Kyle Norris, who specialises in imagining what it would sound like if various famous rock and metal guitarists forced themselves upon other famous rock bands. 

Norris doesn't just mimic the playing styles of these musicians either; he also dresses up as them, as well as the members of the gate-crashed band, and performs comical skits as he acts out what he believes would happen in such a scenario.

For example, in the clip below, the guitarist, while donning a variety of huge '80s rockstar mullets, embodies the spirit of Metallica, playing along and miming to their 1986 anthem Master Of Puppets. Then, all of a sudden, 'Synyster Gates' struts in through the garage door, storming their rehearsal in a smart black hat and tight leather trousers, bursting out a razor-sharp, dazzling guitar solo to the annoyance of 'Tallica guitarist 'Kirk Hammett', aka, Norris in a big black wig.

On his TikTok account, Norris plays out plenty of other scenarios, such as Prince playing for Guns N' Roses, Angus Young/Green Day, Slash/Coldplay, Eddie Van Halen/Paramore, and more.

Check it out below:


♬ Master Of Puppets - Remastered 2016 - Metallica
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