Order your limited edition Ihsahn bundle – featuring an exclusive cassette of his incredible new self-titled album

Ihsahn bundle
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To celebrate Ihsahn’s outstanding, new self-titled album – which features two interlinked halves, one prog metal and one fully symphonic – we’ve teamed up with the Norwegian black metal pioneer for this special bundle you won’t find anywhere else.

Alongside the latest issue of Metal Hammer magazine, which will include an exclusive Ihsahn cover you can’t get in shops, the bundle comes with an exclusive black cassette featuring the metal version of Ihsahn.

There are only 300 bundles worldwide, and you can only order them via Metal Hammer – so get yours now!

Inside the issue itself, we speak to Ihsahn about the early days of his legendary band Emperor, the 90s church burnings, the next generation of black metallers, and the development of his latest, eighth album.

“I have no classical education at all, so it was super-hard,” he says, “but these days you literally have a symphony orchestra at your fingertips and all the other tools you can possibly imagine… I’m so fortunate to have been able to do this throughout my entire life, and I want to be as excited going in to make an album now as I was when I was 16.”

Ihsahn is out now via Candlelight. In a 9/10 review of the album, which features a concept based around a traditional hero’s journey, Metal Hammer’s Dom Lawson wrote:

“Ihsahn has been mixing strings with metallic bombast for more than 30 years, but never with quite this much unabashed ingenuity and flair. Here, metal band and orchestra are woven seamlessly together, each surge of violins or brass adding colour, definition and extra muscle to these intricate songs’ wayward momentum.”

Also in the magazine, there are brand new interviews with Bruce Dickinson, Halestorm, Babymetal, Green Lung, Ihsahn, Tool, Dogma and much, much more!

Order your exclusive Ihsahn bundle here

Ihsahn bundle

(Image credit: Future)
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