Metal All Stars is coming to London


This December a very special one-off performance is coming to south London.

Featuring members of Manowar, Venom, Black Label Society, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Anthrax and Testament – The Metal All Stars could be the biggest supergroup in the making.

In short, it’s a collaborative effort between a host of heavy metal legends of all ages and sub-genres. Since metal’s inception everyone has found a different facet to latch on to and now a load of the pioneers are getting together a one-night experience.

One of the many All Stars coming to Brixton is Dream Theater’s James LaBrie who says, in the video above, that he’ll be playing not just his solo material but some DT tracks too – imagine LaBrie teaming up with the likes of Cronos or Chuck Billy for a Dream Theater cover! IMAGINE IT!

And that’s what you’re in for – new and old musicians from across the world sharing the same stage to cover and perform special renditions of each other’s most famous tracks.

Tickets are on sale here now.