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Megadeth split not negative - Drover

Former Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover insists there was nothing negative about his departure from the band last year.

He and guitarist Chris Broderick left within hours of each other in November. Mainman Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson later recruited axeman Kiko Louriero on a full-time basis and Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler as a guest musician. Both appear on the thrash icons’ 15th album, out later this year.

Drover and Broderick went on to form Act Of Defiance, featuring vocalist Henry Derek and Shadows Fall man Matt Bachand on bass. Their debut album Birth And The Burial is released on August 21.

Drover tells Revolver: “Everybody’s looking for the negative story, but there isn’t one. I was in the band for over 10 years – longer than anybody besides the two Daves.

“I have nothing but good things to say about the whole experience. I wouldn’t be talking to you right now if I hadn’t been in that band.”

The drummer says his departure decision was based around the prospect of a period of inactivity. “We had a really massive break coming up, about a year. I thought to myself that if I was ever going to branch off and have my own thing, it would be a really good time to do it.”

He reveals that Act Of Defiance were created the same night he and Broderick decided to quit – but that it was just coincidence. “We talked about where we were in our career and what we wanted to do in the future,” he says.

“Chris and I share a lot of the same vision, musically and personally. Neither of us wanted to take a year off. We realised we were both serious about doing something, so we decided to hook up and see where this path takes us.”

Mustaine recently told TeamRock Radio’s Metal Hammer Magazine Show that he’d been saddened by the manner of the duo’s departure, explaining: “They were, I believe, unfairly treated by management. They didn’t even say goodbye to me – that’s how badly they were spoken to. And for that I’m sad. I wish them well.”

Dave Mustaine is this year's Metal Hammer Golden God